Sports Facility Construction

Planning considerations – residential tennis courts

Do residential tennis courts require Planning Permission?

We recommend that all customers check Planning requirements in their area with their own Local Authority, particularly in the light of the changes in Planning Laws in October 2008.

We have contacts with Planning Advisers in some areas of the UK who can give advice or, if you wish, deal with your Planning Application for you. In the last 25 years we have had two clients who have constructed courts without obtaining the necessary Permission and who have subsequently had to have their courts removed which, in both cases, was a more expensive undertaking than the original construction.

Trees in the area of proposed court construction now need far more careful consideration and a tree survey by a specialist firm is usually required as part of the Planning Application process. We can usually put you in touch with qualified people who will be able to assist you with this.

The court itself will always normally require Planning Permission if it is constructed in the front rather than in the back garden of the property, involves a change of use of land; e.g. from agricultural land or a designated paddock or, specifically, lies outside the curtilage of the property as defined by the Land Registry.