Sports Facility Construction

Planning considerations / lighting sports facilities

Lighting often gives rise to planning problems and reference to your individual Planning Authority is always advisable.

Doe – or the specialist lighting contractors we work with – can provide the necessary specifications, performance and spill calculations which you will need to include with your Planning Application for lighting.

For residential courts, a retractable system can often provide an answer to lighting in a ‘sensitive’ area but all public facilities – Clubs/Schools/Hotels etc – will need Planning Permission before proceeding with lighting. There are several excellent ‘low spillage’ lighting systems now available on the market which can help in areas where facilities are in close proximity to or in the middle of residential areas. Neighbours often object more to the additional traffic and parking caused by the use of floodlit facilities rather than to the actual lights themselves. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule, each application has to go through its own local Planning ‘hoops’ and due process.

As mentioned above, we can help with Planning Applications by providing AutoCAD drawings, cross sections, lighting schemes etc with the relevant inserts for your own Architect’s submission and we will be pleased to put you in contact with Planning Advisors who can give advice or submit a Planning Application as required.