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Doe for Davis Cup Tie

March 2007

Doe will again be providing the tennis surface for the forthcoming Davis Cup Tie – Great Britain v Netherlands – in Hall 5 at the NEC in Birmingham 6-8 April over the Easter weekend.

The last time Great Britain played a Davis Cup Tie in the UK it was also held at the NEC and was, by general agreement, one of the most riveting and exciting weekends of indoor tennis ever seen in this country – the never to be forgotten tie against the USA.

For both Ties, the GreenSet GRAND PRIX MTC Acrylic Resin over tongue and groove timber has been chosen to provide the championship surface for the tournament.

Interestingly, and possibly unlike any other major sports event, top tennis players are not all happy or comfortable playing on the same or similar surfaces, some like "slow and slide", some like "fast and grippy" and many opt for numerous variations in between the two extremes. Racing drivers and their pit crews will have a choice of tyres but, as with the majority of other sports, no choice at all when it comes to the "surface" on which they have to compete.

The tennis surface choice for top level tournaments is, therefore, one which can lead to lengthy and heated debate as it could be a major factor in the outcome of an event. The GreenSet Acrylic product range has long been acknowledged as probably the leading surface for top level tennis events throughout the world and has been chosen over more than 25 years for Davis Cup Ties, World Championship and Masters events in countries as diverse as USA, Russia and China.

For the first time in the UK, a special GreenSet "aubergine" colour will be used for the court surface and we will be interested to hear player and audience reaction after the event.

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